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Safety lies at the core of all the tours that we run.

India is a challenging destination for a study tour but the advances made in the country over the last 10 years means there has never been a better or safer time to visit. Our tour leaders are experienced leaders of educational and study tours to various overseas destinations, and will always put the well being of the student group first.

British Standard 8848

To ensure the highest standards are followed our tours are designed to meet the standards   prescribed in BS 8848—The British Standard for Overseas Fieldtrips. BS 8848 is designed to ensure that any company that takes groups of students overseas has put in place the highest safety planning and procedures.

This includes providing a detailed safety plan which includes:

  • Risk Analysis and Management Plan
  • Incident Management and Response Plan
  • Communications Plan
  • Behaviour and Code of Conduct Policy

We have also put in place the following measures to ensure the safe operation of all of our tours:

  • Full Risk Assessments – which will be made available to schools and education authorities before any tours depart
  • British Consulate Registered  – all tours are registered on arrival in India, and full itineraries are supplied
  • Insurance – all tours our covered by our comprehensive tour operators insurance
  • In-country agents – employed directly by GeoIndia to provide up to the minute information regarding all locations to be visited.

Copies of all our insurance and safety planning documentation are available upon request

School support

We want our tours to be as stress free as possible for schools and school leaders. GeoIndia will provide a comprehensive range of support services including:

  • Parents Presentations
  • Student talks
  • Promotional materials
  • Class room Resources to support the visit
  • Comprehensive notes and data based on locations visited